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Gynecology - Women's Health Practitioner in Greater Zurich Area

In the subject area of gynaecology we help to prevent the female reproductive organs from diseases.
If a treatment is medically indicated and must be conducted,
we do it in a professional and patient-friendly manner.
By doing so, we also care about your individual needs and the needs of your environment
and take this into account, when doing medical evaluations.
If necessary whe involve further specialized consulting clinics.

In gynaecology our main focus lies on:

yearly check up

preventing care and counseling


family planning

consultation hour for teenager

menopause consultation

treatment of climacteric syndrom

hormone therapy

infertility consultation and treatment
(i.a. HSG, HyCoSy -

hormone disturbance

breast exam

clarifying breast changes

breast ultrasound

clarifying nocturia and prolapse of vagina and uterine

follow-up care for breast cancer

surgical intervention

consulting, clarifying and therapy in case of:

- abdominal pain

- genital infection

- childlessness

- menstrual disorder

- osteoporosis

Surgery at hospital

- according to mutual agreement
Zurich, Adliswil, Thalwil Wädenswil, Horgen, Hirzel, Richterswil, Samstagern, Schindellegi, Einsiedeln, Wollerau, Bäch, Freienbach, Pfäffikon, Altendorf, Lachen, Rapperswil Jona, Baar, Zug
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