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Obstetrics - Women's Health Practitioner in Greater Zurich Area

In the subject area of obstetrics we monitor pregnancy to birth, for normal or pathological processes.
If a treatment is medically indicated and must be conducted,
we do it in a professional and patient-friendly manner.
By doing so, we also care about your individual needs and the needs of your environment
and take this into account, when doing medical evaluations.
If necessary whe involve further specialized consulting clinics.

How a baby grows inside a womb:


In obstetrics our main focus lies on:

Pregnancy planning

Pregnancy consultation and birth planning

- pregnancy monitoring

- pregnancy ultrasound

- prenatal diagnostics

- first trimester test with nuchal translucency screening

- malformation ultrasound, organ screening

- CTG doppler ultrasound (baby and mother)

- planning of birth
- cesarean section

Pregnancy consultation after birth

- postpartum exam

- breastfeeding problems

- clarification and treatment of difficulties after birth

Surgery at hospital

- according to mutual agreement

Ultrasound during pregnancy

Ultrasound (sonograhpy) during pregnancy is a imaging processing system of organic tissue, used widely around the globe.

One of many advantages of sonography, compared to imaging with X-rays, is the innocuousness of the deployed sonic waves. Even highly sensible tissue, as found in unborn children, does not get affected during ultrasound examination.
Further, there is no pain related to this kind of treatment.

Based on a two-dimensional cut-view, a three-dimensional cut-view has emerged and is widespread nowadays.
3-D ultrasound produces a spatial color image. Based on that the so called 4-D ultrasound evolved, the State-of-the-Art in sonography.
With 4-D ultrasound, a medical doctor is able to create a three-dimensional presentation in real-time (Live-3D = 3D in real-time).

Subsequently, you will find some visual impressions from an ultrasound consultation at a doctor's office:

Here are some visual impressions of human fetal development stages
(1 month, 2 month, 4 month, 5 month, 8 month, 9 month):

The video here shows the difference between 2D-, 3D- and 4D-ultrasound technology
in pregnancy examination:

Vergleich-Ultraschall - 2D, 3D und 4D
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